Human Rights

EU Court of JusticeWe have specialist Human Right Lawyers who can help you with breach of all aspect of Human Rights and represent you at the highest level.

Breach of Human Rights can be in any form including:

  • Article 2 – Right to life
  • Article 8 – Right to a private and family life
  • Article 6 – Right to a fair hearing
  • Article 3 – Torture, Inhuman or degrading treatment
  • Article 5 – False imprisonment / deprivation of liberty
  • Actions against the police – If you believe you are a victim of police negligence, wrongful arrest and subject to wrongful imprisonment, you have the right to bring an action against the police for compensation, redress or demand an apology.
  • Sexual/Racial discrimination or harassment
  • Denial of healthcare and medication for financial reasons

If you have suffered a breach of your Human Right, contact our Human Rights team immediately:

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