Legal aid

UK International Lawyers Ltd is contracted with the Legal Aid Agency to carry out legal aid work in asylum and immigration law.

What is legal aid? 

Legal aid is funding provided by the government to help meet the costs of legal advice and representation in a court or tribunal.  There are three forms of funding as outlined below:-

Legal Help

Covers general advice, writing letters to the home office with representations and consideration of the case succeeding at appeal

Controlled Legal Representation

Covers representation and advocacy in an appeal in the First-Tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal against the home office decision to refuse the claim

Licensed Work

Covers representation in the higher courts, including the High Court

Matters covered by legal aid

The following cases are still eligible for legal aid funding subject to a means and merit test:

Asylum & Protection Claims – these also include claims for humanitarian protection where there is a real risk of suffering serious harm

Claims based upon Article 2 or Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights – right to life, prohibition on inhuman and degrading
treatment or punishment

Claims based on the Temporary Protection Directive.

Victims of trafficking or modern slavery – in cases where there has been a positive reasonable grounds or a positive conclusive grounds decision.

Domestic Violence Rule –  applications for indefinite leave to remain by a wife, partner  or civil partner of someone who is British or settled in the UK in situations where the relationship has broken down

Remedy of Judicial Review – challenging decisions of public bodies in court. Applicable in circumstances where all other options have been exhausted. For example:  certified asylum claims, trafficking decisions and immigration decisions with no right of appeal.